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The Duke’s Tramp

For her Guide to Lycanthropes Kickstarter, Christina Stiles asked me to contribute a story as a stretch goal. When the campaign met that goal, she sent me a copy of the setting (designed by Steve Trustrum and Christina) so I could start thinking of a story. The archduchy of SpirosBlaak is a classical fantasy setting with […]

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#RPGaDay: Favorite RPG of All Time

31. Favorite RPG of All Time. This is a tough one to answer, because there are many lesser-known RPGs that I admire a great deal. And it’s tempting to cite D&D in all its incarnations, since it was the focus of my day job for a decade and the origin of many of my favorite […]

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#RPGaDay: Rarest RPG Owned

30. Rarest RPG Owned. The convention preview edition of Mike Nystul’s Whispering Vault is the rarest (as in smallest print run) RPG I can think of. It’s possible I’ve had even rarer games in the library at one time or another, but this one I actually played and enjoyed several times, one session by the […]

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#RPGaDay: Most Memorable Encounter

29. Most Memorable Encounter. I twice wrote about the Door Committee on the editorial page of Dragon Magazine. Rather than describe it once more in detail, I’ll provide the TLDR version: As I ran a group of professional game designers and editors through the classic Slave Pits of the Undercity, they paused to discuss which door to open […]

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