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Creative Colleagues: Micheal Planck

Every now and then, I’ll pester one of my creative colleagues with five questions about his or her work. Most of these folks are friends, a few are secret enemies, and one has been blackmailing me for years. I haven’t met Mike—or Micheal, as he spells it for reasons he’s reluctant to confess—but our mutual […]

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Recent Radovan & the Count Reviews

Over at Paizo, Orthos has recently reviewed all four published Radovan & the Count novels. I link to them for a couple of reasons, apart from the fact that they’re positive reviews. First, Orthos favors Master of Devils and King of Chaos, while it seems most readers prefer the other two. I’ve been disappointed that some readers shy away from […]

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Question of the Week: “Default” Radovan & the Count

This self-serving question is for those who’ve read at least two Radovan & the Count stories and/or novels, prompted by a nice comment by a colleague who’s just begun reading them. With most of the web stories and with at least the first three novels, I’ve tried to do something different each time I return […]

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