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#RPGaDay: Scariest Game You’ve Played

28. Scariest Game You’ve Played. Castle Ravenloft, specifically one of the sessions I ran more-or-less annually on Halloween for my college gaming group. Now there are certainly scarier roleplaying games. Ravenloft can easily slip into camp, and the nature of D&D is that powerful heroes can overcome the monsters. By design, it’s a little more […]

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#RPGaDay: Game You’d Like to See a New/Improved Edition Of

27. Game You’d Like to See a New/Improved Edition Of. Pathfinder. I love the setting, and it’s my favorite game in large part because of the Adventure Path, which provides a constant stream of quality scenarios, and the wide range of accessories like minis and poster maps. I admire much of the rules expansions, but I’ve […]

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#RPGaDay: Coolest Character Sheet

26. Coolest Character Sheet. One of the most common reactions to discovering D&D in the late 70s and 80s was to create your own character sheets. While printed sheets were available, we were kids with small or nonexistent allowances. But I had a typewriter and access to a mimeograph machine. Soon I discovered lots of […]

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