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Pathfinder Tales on Sale

After initial delight to see three-and-a-half of my four-and-a-half Pathfinder Tales are back in the Paizo top 10, my next thought was, “Only three-and-a-half? Unacceptable!” Then I realized that the surge of the earlier books might have something to do with the current sale on Pathfinder Tales ebooks, a sale that includes my earlier contributions but not […]

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Question of the Week: Too Many Words?

Over the years, I’ve supplied art suggestions for articles and sometimes for the covers to my own books. Usually I gave them to an art director, most of whom simplified my ideas to give the artist the greatest possible freedom. On at least one occasion, the art director passed along my detailed one-page character description […]

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Creative Colleagues: Steve Winter

Every week or so, I’ll pester one of my creative colleagues with five questions about his or her work. Most of these folks are friends, a few are secret enemies, and one has been blackmailing me for years. Soon after I came to TSR, Steve Winter and Jim Ward were assigned to “special projects” work […]

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Question of the Week: What Makes a Book Good?

When friends recommend their favorite book, they offer different reasons why I should read them. “The setting is incredible!” “Her prose is just beautiful.” “I have never seen such a cool system of magic.” “I laughed out loud.” “When my favorite character died, I threw the book across the room… but then I had to pick […]

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