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Question of the Week: Best Game Session

Because I’ve been busy with other matters, I’ve neglected the Question of the Week. And while I’ve often favored writing and reading topics, this time it’s back to another of my great loves, tabletop roleplaying games. What is your single best memory of a one-shot game that you never played again? For me, the choice […]

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Going Small in “The Gleaners”

Sometimes my sense of humor is too subtle. Sometimes I remark after a dud joke, “that one was just for me.” Likewise, sometimes I bury an idea too deeply in a story. The first time I realized the danger was when Black Wolf came out and nobody seemed to grok the character of Darrow. Yes, on one hand he was a […]

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Creative Colleagues: R.A. Salvatore

Every now and then, I’ll pester one of my creative colleagues with five questions about his or her work. Most of these folks are friends, a few are secret enemies, and one has been blackmailing me for years. Few authors become famous for their tie-in fiction. Along with Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and a scant few others, […]

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