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#RPGaDay: Favorite Published Adventure

19. Favorite Published Adventure. At last, an easy one! While I’ve read and played many great adventures for various systems, none stands out as vividly as Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio, with development from other contributors who expanded a great story with generous amounts of  research, not to mention a large and excellent collection […]

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Question of the Week: Creature Feature

As a kid, I loved nothing better than monster movies. They weren’t horror movies; they were monster movies. My friends and I traded monster cards, and on weekends I watched Count Gore DeVol (Dick Dyszel) present an endless parade of monsters on Creature Feature. The first magazine I ever subscribed to was, of course, Famous […]

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#RPGaDay: Favorite Game System

18. Favorite Game System. Unfair! Too hard to answer. While I have long been a story-over-mechanics guy, there was a time when I admired nothing better than an elegant die mechanic. West End’s Star Wars, FASA’s Shadowrun, Mike Nystul’s Whispering Vault, and lesser-known games like Don’t Look Back: Terror Is Never Far Behind impressed me […]

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#RPGaDay: Funniest Game You’ve Played

17. Funniest Game You’ve Played. Another one of those questions that’s hard to answer because of too many hilarious memories. One of my formative gaming experiences was a dungeon designed and initially run by my friend Greg Sager. He called it “The Halls of Amusement,” and it was, like Camelot, a very silly place. I […]

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