Dave GrossI’m Dave Gross, fantasy novelist and recovering editor. Welcome to my page, which I aim to update at least twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) with occasional bonus posts on writing, games, movies, books, and sundry other topics. Feel free to join me at Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ via the links above, and please join in any of the blog conversations!



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#RPGaDay: Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

22. Best Secondhand RPG Purchase. I don’t remember great second-hand gaming purchase, although I know there must have been a few. The truth is that I’ve been such a fan most of my life that I’ve usually bought new releases, and during the years I was in “the biz,” I received a lot of trade or […]

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#RPGaDay: Favorite Licensed RPG

21. Favorite Licensed RPG. Star Wars in all of its incarnations. The West End version was instrumental in proving that a game could successfully expand the world of an existing franchise. The Saga version has my favorite, most comfortable rules system. But now the Fantasy Flight version is doing nifty things with dice mechanics and […]

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Creative Colleagues: Not-So-Weekly

My ulterior motive for the Creative Colleagues posts is to make this blog a little more fun for me. It is fun, but it takes time, which I don’t always have in abundance. Thus, while Creative Colleagues continues, it won’t be weekly for a while. Expect one or two each month. I’ve got one CC interview ready to […]

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#RPGaDay: Game Will Still Play in 20 Years’ Time

20. Game Will Still Play in 20 Years’ Time. This one is a toss-up between some iteration of D&D/Pathfinder, since it’s the one burned into my brain these past forty-some years, or Call of Cthulhu. In both cases, the reason is that I have a large stash of scenarios, miniatures, terrain, handouts, and whatever else […]

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