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Pathfinder Trivia: The Acadamae

The Acadamae is a famous wizard college in the city of Korvosa. All students must declare specialties, but all must also pass a grueling conjuration test. Despite his peculiar disability, Count Varian Jeggare passed the final examination.

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Review Jealousy

While some writers succumb to that pernicious emotion when a colleague gets a glowing review, what I’m talking about is jealousy between books by the same author. That is, King of Chaos and Queen of Thorns (and to a lesser degree, Master of Devils) burn with envy whenever Prince of Wolves gets another review, especially […]

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Question of the Week: Best Game Session

Because I’ve been busy with other matters, I’ve neglected the Question of the Week. And while I’ve often favored writing and reading topics, this time it’s back to another of my great loves, tabletop roleplaying games. What is your single best memory of a one-shot game that you never played again? For me, the choice […]

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