Skull Island eXpeditions

Cover by Mathias Kollros.

Cover by Mathias Kollros.

The Devil’s Pay

Samantha ‘Sam’ MacHorne and her Devil Dogs need a contract, and when one comes in that leads to the haunted Wythmoor Forest, the company moves out with warjacks and slug guns at the ready…

Sam and the Devil Dogs may be relaxing in Tarna, but it’s not by choice—they’d rather be employed than resting up. When a dangerous job offer comes from “the old man,” Sam takes the Devil Dogs and their newest recruit, Dawson, on a perilous hunt to capture an unidentified warjack before their rival Steelheads or the horrific Cryx make a claim on the never-before-seen technology.

Whether their mission will be worth the risk remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Sam and the Devil Dogs will do whatever it takes to bring home The Devil’s Pay. A novella of the Iron Kingdoms.

Art by Matthias Kollros.

Cover by Matthias Kollros.

Dark Convergence

Artificer General Sebastian Nemo has faced myriad dangers while serving his king and kingdom, but none so fascinating and sinister as the Convergence of Cyriss.

In the wake of an unprovoked attack on the Cygnaran town of Calbeck, Nemo and his forces hasten to confront the strange clockwork soldiers and machinery led by a young warcaster prodigy named Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis. Nemo soon learns of the Convergence’s plans to transform Caen and its people to suit their enigmatic goddess, who favors machines over the living.

Amid this clash Nemo must withstand the temptation of the Convergence’s message to those who, like himself, are fascinated by technology. Aurora proves to be a different sort of enemy than he has faced before—something of a kindred spirit, albeit one bent on destroying all he holds dear.


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