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  2. I have really enjoyed your pathfinder tales book starring Varian & Radavan. Are you continuing the series?

    • Alas, Pathfinder Tales is suspended, and Paizo has a year’s worth of unpublished books from other authors to start with should it ever come back to life. If it ever happens, it won’t be soon.

    • The Forgotten Realms books should be available for Kindle, as are some of the anthologies to which I’ve contributed. Unfortunately, I believe the Pathfinder books are not currently available in ebook format, unless some are still available via Apple. Are there titles in particular that you’re looking for?

      Many of them are available in audio format, in case that interests you. (Most of my “reading” these days is via earbuds.)

  3. With Paizo’s new initiative to post web-based fiction on their blogs, I was wondering if you had been approached or would consider such an offer to expand upon Radovan and the Count in web-based form? I will admit, I am exceedingly curious to see what happens after Lord of Runes.

    Radovan and the Count was my favourite Tales product and I am loathe to see it left in the dust.

    • I was asked to write some short fiction for the blog, but it wasn’t for Radovan and the Count. If Paizo were ever to revive Tales in long form, whether that’s novels or comics or something else, I’d be open to it. I miss the boys and all their associates too.

      • I know this might be strange to ask, but I really appreciate so many of the character concepts you come up with.

        So I was wondering, if I could ask you to post me a short character concept/idea of a 10th level male character to be used in a story taking place on Golarion. Our GM’s pretty ‘lax’ so most things are permissible. He will be working primarily in the riverkingdoms

        If this is ‘too out there’ feel free to disregard this request.

  4. 1: Have you ever considered uploading the Pf 1e sheets of Radovan and the Count, and if so would you be inclined to share them with a hopeful little fan?

    2: Having gone through Lord of Runes again, I think this is my third time, I was wondering if you could tell me which ioun stones and rings makes up Zutha’s crest and crown – or at least those you’ve ‘given’ him.

    3: The Flah-staff of the young sczarni thief, could you elaborate on its precise powers and how they might work in 1e?

    4: Here’s a question from off-side, what’s your most recent pathfinder character that you had fun playing?

  5. I have been looking everywhere to read a copy of your short story Law and Order but cannot find a copy of Dragon+24 which printed it. Is there another location to read it from?

  6. Hi, David,

    So nice to see you’re still at this. It has been a few years since I submitted anything to the gaming ‘zines.
    I still remember those formative discussions regarding the (original) Living Jungle, with pleasure.

    Best regards,

    Ron Heintz

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