The Sword and Sorcery Fraternity

While I’m at a minimum suspicious of cliques in concept, in practice I love discovering like-minded individuals as much as the next lemming. Thus, it’s been a great pleasure in recent years, as I’ve eased back into the convention circuit, to meet other writers with a fondness for tales of sword & sorcery. We often have the same favorite authors, and we discover (perhaps not so-) surprising similarities in our work and taste. I think of us as an informal fellowship and just hope I don’t turn out to be the Boromir.

One of my Sword & Sorcery sisters is half of what I fondly call “the handsome couple,” Violette Malan and Paul Musselman, whom I first met at World Fantasy in Toronto and with whom I shared lunch in San Antonio in the aftermath of Worldcon. Violette is the author of the Dhulyn and Parno novels, published by DAW. Check out her website.

Violette’s recent Recommended Reading post on SFSignal mentions the Radovan & the Count novels, along with The Desert of Souls by my other S&S colleague Howard Andrew Jones.  I haven’t read anything by Kari Sperring, her third recommendation, but now I feel I must, since we’re clearly members of the same fraternity.

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