The Duke’s Tramp

For her Guide to Lycanthropes Kickstarter, Christina Stiles asked me to contribute a story as a stretch goal. When the campaign met that goal, she sent me a copy of the setting (designed by Steve Trustrum and Christina) so I could start thinking of a story.

The archduchy of SpirosBlaak is a classical fantasy setting with the addition of black powder weapons, a little steampunk, and a city of werewolves—the latter being perhaps the reason why Christina thought of me. I love the fractious collection of city-states full of conflicting ambitious and cool secrets. Christina gave me cart blanche to include some of the setting’s prominent figures in the story, so I started with a god, a duke, the archduchess, and the realm’s most powerful wizard.

“The Duke’s Tramp” is Rada, a messenger with an undying horse and a cowardly crow as her constant companions. The fate of the archduchy depends on whether and how she delivers a message to the archduchess.

For just a buck and a half, you can have the story, which is really more of a novelette (close to 10k words). I hope you’ll check it out and leave a review at DriveThru or post a comment here.

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