King of Chaos #1 at Black Gate

Black Gate publishes not only cool essays but also fabulous fiction. Last month, an excerpt of King of Chaos (Chapter One, introducing Oparal) hit their #1 spot, buoying their previous excerpt of Queen of Thorns (Chapter One, featuring Count Jeggare) to #4.

My fellow Pathfinder Tales scribe Howard Andrew Jones appears in the #3 position with an excerpt from The Bones of the Old Ones, the second novel in his excellent Dabir and Asim series, which you really should go read right now. It’s a thrill to see the two of us on a list of so many talented writers.

Check out the complete catalog of Black Gate’s free fiction.

Penny Arcade Goofs on King of Chaos

Like many of my colleagues who might be too proud to confess it, I live in perpetual hope of seeing my characters appear in my favorite game-related comic strips. Today’s Penny Arcade strip is as close as Radovan and the Count have come so far, and the associated blog is a damned fine cup of coffee.

My new perpetual hope is that I don’t start reading in a lisp.

Incidentally, the “blessing of unicorns” line in King of Chaos earned a note from my editor. In its original form, it might have confused readers unfamiliar with the taxonomy of mythical creatures. Rewritten, it gave Count Jeggare another opportunity to be a big, fat know-it-all. Bonus points!

Radovan & the Count Short Fiction

Occasionally the stars align and the five ePub/PDF Radovan & the Count stories and novellas cluster up at the top of the chart at Much as that tickles me, it reminds me that no one has left a review for the novella Husks, which I think is one of the best of the boys’ adventures, or the short story “A Passage to Absalom,” which is my all-too-brief love letter to Agatha Christie.

Do something about that, will you?

Two projects are wrestling on my desk this month. Once they’re done, I’ll put the finishing touches on that Master of Devils retrospective I promised.

Pathfinder PDF Sale: 30% Off in October

Throughout October, Paizo is throwing a 30%-off PDF sale, which includes not only a huge number of games but also the Pathfinder Tales stories, novellas, and novels more than about a year old. (Thus, Queen of Thorns and King of Chaos are still regular price.) Yes, the ePub versions appear to be on sale also.

If you’ve ever wanted to catch up on the Pathfinder Tales novellas, including “Hell’s Pawns” and “Husks,” this is a great month to do it. Many folks have mentioned reading “Hell’s Pawns,” but I think “Husks” is the better of the two novellas. It’s perfect for those who like to see the boys working shoulder-to-shoulder for an entire caper.

Here is a handy list of all the Radovan & the Count stories, novellas, and novels. I’d also like to suggest you try Elaine Cunningham’s Winter Witch.



Radovan & the Count Week in Review

Did you happen to see the first part of Mordicai Knode’s interview of me at

How about the second part, right here on on this blog? I’d love to see some comments there.

Speaking of Mordicai, a few weeks back he posted a wonderful review of King of Chaos at, to go along with the one he did earlier of the first three novels. If you like his review, drop a comment over there and make him look like the big shot reviewer he is.

Perhaps you missed the first free chapter of King of Chaos, posted courtesy of the fine folks at Black Gate. More sample chapters are on their way.

And maybe you now have time to read the first chapter of “The Fencing Master,” also at Some readers say very kind things about it in the comments. Chapter Two comes next Wednesday, when the plot definitely thickens.

Finally, if you’re interested in the earliest tales of Radovan and the Count, I’ve pinned a reminiscence here. Once I see ten comments (from 10 different people, mind you, not 10 from one guy), I will put together one on the Master of Devils period.