King of Chaos: Supporting Cast

Regular readers of Pathfinder Tales novels and short fiction may have recognized that a few of the supporting cast of King of Chaos came from previous stories. A couple of them came the previous Radovan & the Count novel, Queen of Thorns, but the others were on loan from some of my generous colleagues.

The most prominent is perhaps Jelani, the Thuvian sorcerer Liane Merciel created for her story “Certainty.” Also making a cameo is the former paladin, Ederras, whose past trails a thread back to Liane’s novel Nightglass.

Another key supporting character is Robin D. Laws’ paladin Aprian, whose horrible experiences in the Worldwound give him something unusual in common with Radovan. You can read more about Aprian’s past in The Worldwound Gambit.

If you enjoyed these characters in King of Chaos, check out “Certainty,” Nightglass, and The Worldwound Gambit. If you like them, be sure to leave a review.

King of Chaos #1 at Black Gate

Black Gate publishes not only cool essays but also fabulous fiction. Last month, an excerpt of King of Chaos (Chapter One, introducing Oparal) hit their #1 spot, buoying their previous excerpt of Queen of Thorns (Chapter One, featuring Count Jeggare) to #4.

My fellow Pathfinder Tales scribe Howard Andrew Jones appears in the #3 position with an excerpt from The Bones of the Old Ones, the second novel in his excellent Dabir and Asim series, which you really should go read right now. It’s a thrill to see the two of us on a list of so many talented writers.

Check out the complete catalog of Black Gate’s free fiction.

Penny Arcade Goofs on King of Chaos

Like many of my colleagues who might be too proud to confess it, I live in perpetual hope of seeing my characters appear in my favorite game-related comic strips. Today’s Penny Arcade strip is as close as Radovan and the Count have come so far, and the associated blog is a damned fine cup of coffee.

My new perpetual hope is that I don’t start reading in a lisp.

Incidentally, the “blessing of unicorns” line in King of Chaos earned a note from my editor. In its original form, it might have confused readers unfamiliar with the taxonomy of mythical creatures. Rewritten, it gave Count Jeggare another opportunity to be a big, fat know-it-all. Bonus points!

Live Interview: Know Direction

Tomorrow evening, I’ll join Jefferson Jay Thacker and Ryan Costello, Jr., for a live video broadcast of their Know Direction podcast.


Jeff was one of the first people to interview me about Pathfinder Tales, and after our first encounter one of the earliest to talk with me about it after he’d actually read the book. I can’t express how much more fun it is to talk with a host who can ask specific questions about the books and has informed opinions. He’s a Jeggare man, just so you know.

I suspect Ryan’s in camp Radovan. He’s also a wizard at audio editing and makes us all seem real smooth after the fact, but you can catch us ums-and-all in the live videocast.

Join us tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern (5:00 Pacific). Add your questions to the live discussion, and chances are good I’ll answer them.

King of Chaos: Chapter Three

king of chaosThe fine folks at have posted Chapter Three of King of Chaos, in which Count Varian Jeggare stops at a moldering tavern known as The Splinter to enlist a guide to lead his expedition through the lost kingdom of Sarkoris.

This chapter includes small-to-medium spoilers for Chapter Two, which should appear at another site sometime soon. I don’t think that should stop you from reading it, especially if you enjoy the more comical elements of the Count’s relationship with his bodyguard, Radovan.

You can read the first chapter, featuring elven crusader Oparal, at Black Gate.

If you enjoy sampling these chapters, post a comment at the host site to let them know. That will encourage them to excerpt more Pathfinder Tales in the future.