Signing “The Gleaners” from SHATTERED SHIELDS

Soon I venture out into the year’s first light dusting of snow to sign Shattered Shields along with all of my Pathfinder Tales novels and perhaps a few other books in stock at Chapters Strathcona from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Long signings can be lonely, but two things make me think this time will be different.

First, Chris Allen, the fabulous Customer Experience Manager, scheduled me for the last author event of the year, meaning today brushes up against the holiday rush. Instead of dozen of shoppers slinking past without making eye contact lest they feel obliged to buy a book, we’ll have hundreds. The odds of selling a few rise proportionally.

Second, the fabulous Amber E. Scott will join me at the signing, not just to keep me company but also to autograph her own work (bring copies of Mummy’s Mask to make her day) and to run Beginner Box (also on sale, and a great holiday gift for new gamers) demos of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In the unlikely event of a lull, we’ll have each other to amuse and delight.

Amber and I are Gaming Guests of Honor at next week’s Pure Speculation Festival, right here in Edmonton. We’ll hand out flyers and talk about our upcoming events there. I might even have a few Pathfinder promotional goodies to give away.

Join us, and I’ll read a bit on the half hour, including an excerpt from next summer’s Lord of Runes, the next Radovan and the Count novel. If you buy me a coffee, I might even tell you my Harlan Ellison story in advance of the convention.

2 thoughts on “Signing “The Gleaners” from SHATTERED SHIELDS

  1. Awesome, you made my day!

    I’ve been really looking forward to a new novel featuring The Boys since I turned the last page on King of Chaos. I imagine it’s too late now to request guest appearances (assuming we could to begin with), but I’d love to hear something more about Zuldanavox and the Count. It really felt like there was a lot of unresolved events between the two.

    I hope the signing goes well. 🙂

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