#RPGaDay: Most Complicated RPG Owned

24. Most Complicated RPG Owned. I gravitate toward games of low to moderate complexity, and I think of Pathfinder and any mature edition of D&D as fairly complicated (although a good 20% of that is due entirely to the grapple rules).

Back in the 80s, I marveled at the endless lists of critical hit results from a friend’s copy of Arms Law, Claw Law, Spell Law—elements the original version of Rolemaster. He had them assembled in a loose-leaf binder, which despite its organization had the unexpected effect of making it all look that much more patched-together and complicated. I glanced at a few of the funnier entries and put it away.

I own a later edition of Rolemaster, bought at Gen Con sometime in the mid-90s, but I never played it. The closest I ever came was a short-lived Middle-earth Roleplaying Game campaign, which was also plenty complicated for me.

2 thoughts on “#RPGaDay: Most Complicated RPG Owned

  1. How many Rolemaster characters does it take to change a light bulb? Just one. But on a roll of 100, he shatters the bulb, spraying broken glass into his face, blinding himself, and severing the tendons of his jawbone, which crashes into his sternum, breaking his ribs, puncturing his lungs, and eviscerating him, so that his intestines spill around his ankles, causing him to trip and fall, crushing his cranium when he strikes the ground.

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