#RPGaDay: Game You’d Like to See a New/Improved Edition Of

27. Game You’d Like to See a New/Improved Edition Of. Pathfinder.

I love the setting, and it’s my favorite game in large part because of the Adventure Path, which provides a constant stream of quality scenarios, and the wide range of accessories like minis and poster maps. I admire much of the rules expansions, but I’ve long wished for a “Pathfinder Lite,” something more comprehensive than the Beginner’s Box but far simpler than the complete line of core rulebooks and expansions.

The problem is that a “Lite” version of Pathfinder would be valuable only if the Adventure Paths were compatible with both it and the “Advanced” version. After chatting with some Paizonians about the possibility a few years back, I finally accepted the reality that such a design goal was unachievable.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I look forward to the day when Pathfinder gets a second edition, and I hope it includes a “Lite” and “Advanced” version, both compatible with Paizo’s best product, the Adventure Path.

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