#RPGaDay: First RPG Purchased

3. First RPG Purchased: This one I don’t remember. In the early years, it was all D&D (and AD&D), and I didn’t have a lot of spending money. Often it was my friends who bought non-D&D games, like Gamma World or Boot Hill, and I played in their sessions.

I do recall bought in big when Shadowrun arrived at the local game/comic shop during college. I loved the look of the original book and snapped up the miniatures and many supplements as they arrived. I painted some of the miniatures, but unfortunately I GMed or played only a few sessions before giving up. I continued to be an avid reader of the supplements and modules, however, and still have a banker’s box worth of my favorites.

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  1. Basic D&D (Blue Box). I think we may have played it only once. The existence of ADVANCED D&D was clearly the game I needed to play, because, “Advanced” meant we were *smarter than the other nerds*, or something.

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