#RPGaDay: First RPG Played

So many friends and colleagues have been posting their answers to the #RPGaDay questions that I’ve decided to join in belatedly. Perhaps later I’ll post-date these catch-up entries, but for now I’ll leave them au naturel.

1. First RPG played: D&D, which I learned from classmate Jeff and his elder brother Mike Tucker. I can’t remember many specifics except Mike had the three little pamphlets and was running an adventure of his own design. I remember my first two characters died almost instantly. The second was a thief named Roulette, the first a fighting man whose name I can’t recall. The third, a fighter/magic-user named Windrhymer was the boy who lived until max level for a multi-class elf.


1 thought on “#RPGaDay: First RPG Played

  1. D&D (Original) Played it twice in 1977, then we had to move across the country. Did not acquire a new gaming group for another year and a half after that, which sucked. However, when I finally did get a new group in 1979, it stuck. 35 years later, I still play regularly with my first AD&D DM I met in 1979. One of my oldest and life-long friends ever since.

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