#RPGaDay: Favorite RPG Never Get to Play

6. Favorite RPG Never Get to Play: I’ve been reading this question two ways. In part because of many review copies, and in part because I often buy games just to read them, I have read many RPGs that I’ve never actually played. Instead of one of those, I’m going with the game I have played but would most like to play regularly: Call of Cthulhu. (Check out Chaosium’s much improved website.)

When I was in high school, I walked past some kids playing this game in the community center and overheard them talking about Sanity Points. “Sanity is a stat?” I said. “That’s stupid.”

It took me a few more years to look at the game, and then I came to understand that the SAN mechanic was an elegant way to enforce a feeling of dread.  And the 1920s setting that hadn’t appealed to me before became a huge attraction as I became more interested in history.

I have an overflowing CoC shelf in the library, but I seldom get to dust off a tome and run a session. Every year I make a resolution to change that, and sometimes I manage to run a single game, but the group and the stars are not yet right.

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