#RPGaDay: Favorite Published Adventure

19. Favorite Published Adventure. At last, an easy one!

While I’ve read and played many great adventures for various systems, none stands out as vividly as Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio, with development from other contributors who expanded a great story with generous amounts of  research, not to mention a large and excellent collection of player handouts. Fans of the adventure have even compiled a companion several times longer than the adventure itself.

Call of Cthulhu enjoys a wealth of great scenarios, but Masks is the most epic and globe-spanning, which for me is a huge appeal. Players start in New York City, but depending on which clues they follow, they can travel to London, Cairo, Nairobi, Darwin, Shanghai, and points between.

Without abandoning the sense of horror key to a great CoC adventure, Masks veers deep into pulp adventure territory, giving the players the (often illusory) feeling that they have more in common with Indiana Jones than with Charles Dexter Ward. Beware, however; those who go in with bullwhip snapping and pistol waving will be fortunate if the only result is a sudden death.

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  1. Good review. The climatic battle in New York caused death (a playing being dropped into the Hudson by a Hunting Horror) and the one in Shanghai, they were able to squeak by because they just ran. One guy will go insane in London though.

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