#RPGaDay: Favorite Convention Game

15. Favorite Convention Game. This is a tough one to answer because in my early years of conventions, I tended to run games rather than play them. I suppose that still counts. And in my later years, I tend not to play at all, which is rather sad and must be corrected—perhaps this November at Pure Speculation.

Shortly before and during my tenure at TSR, I edited, wrote, and ran lots of RPGA scenarios. Among my favorites were the Ravenloft adventures by Bruce Nesmith, each of which offered the players a fate worse than death: loss of control their characters. Bruce’s scenarios replaced them with doppelgangers, infected them with lycanthropy, turned them into vampires, and otherwise made monsters of them without actually removing the player from the game. The effect was at once exciting (to those who enjoy playing monsters) and terrifying (to those who found themselves outnumbered by their former allies).


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