#RPGaDay: Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

22. Best Secondhand RPG Purchase. I don’t remember great second-hand gaming purchase, although I know there must have been a few. The truth is that I’ve been such a fan most of my life that I’ve usually bought new releases, and during the years I was in “the biz,” I received a lot of trade or review copies.

I have found some great bargain second-hand miniatures, however, so I’ll say my best purchases have been lots of D&D and Star Wars pre-painted minis.

I just remembered another answer: I once took home a small stack of World of Darkness books from a swap-meet. I still haven’t read them all, but WoD remains one of my favorite settings to read. My first two attempts to play involved horrible Storytellers. One day I’ll try to find a good one, or I’ll take the plunge and run a few sessions myself.


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