#RPGaDay: Best-Looking RPG Product

23. Best Looking RPG Product. So hard to pick just one! Lately Paizo has produced the most consistently beautiful books for its Pathfinder line, although Wizards of the Coast continues to give them a run for their money. And Monte Cook Games has showed with Numenera (and, I expect, also with The Strange, my copy of which should arrive any day now) that even a smaller company can produce a gorgeous game book.

But in an attempt to play by the rules, I’ll pick one product: the Al-Qadim boxed set. By today’s standards of full-color artwork, it might seem quaint. But the graphic design and material quality throughout the line stood head and shoulders above its contemporaries. And, I admit, I particularly like the setting, so having it in a deluxe format was icing on the cake.

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