Review Jealousy

While some writers succumb to that pernicious emotion when a colleague gets a glowing review, what I’m talking about is jealousy between books by the same author.

That is, King of Chaos and Queen of Thorns (and to a lesser degree, Master of Devils) burn with envy whenever Prince of Wolves gets another review, especially at

Prince has the distinction of the most reviews in the Pathfinder Tales for two obvious reasons. First, it was the first in the line. Naturally, it garnered a lot of attention from readers hungry for novel-length fiction set in Golarion. Also, there’ve been three sequels, two novellas, and a good number of short stories featuring those characters. While each of the stories stands alone, people like to read “in order.” Thus, whenever a new book comes out, sales of Prince of Wolves get a boost and so do the reviews.

As a parent loves all his children, I love all my books in different ways. Sure, there are things about each of them that are my favorite: I love the gothic setting and mystery of Prince of Wolves, the love letter to wuxia films in Master of Devils, the slight twist on classic elves and demons in Queen of Thorns, and the large supporting cast of soldiers (some borrowed from Robin D. Laws and Liane Merciel) in King of Chaos.

But of course in the end I want to see all of my books happy.

To that end, if you’ve enjoyed Queen of Thorns and/or King of Chaos, would you consider posting a review? Better still, keep an eye on the Pathfinder Tales Book Club threads at and jump in on the discussions. They’ve covered Crusader Road and are tackling Death’s Heretic now. I hope to see them take on the boys sometime later this winter.

For easy access:

Prince of Wolves

Master of Devils

Queen of Thorns

King of Chaos

Pathfinder Tales Forum (look for threads beginning PTBC)



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  1. In some country like France only Prince of Wolves has been translated, and not everyone can read a whole book in another language unfortunately, I’m ashamed to admit I still haven’t find the courage to do so.

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