Recent Radovan & the Count Reviews

Over at Paizo, Orthos has recently reviewed all four published Radovan & the Count novels. I link to them for a couple of reasons, apart from the fact that they’re positive reviews.

First, Orthos favors Master of Devils and King of Chaos, while it seems most readers prefer the other two. I’ve been disappointed that some readers shy away from Master of Devils because they don’t dig an Asian-style fantasy setting, so I love seeing that someone who shares my enthusiasm for Chinese fantasy has read the book.

Second, Orthos writes some of the most comprehensive reviews I’ve seen at Paizo, so it’s been a thrill to see a new one pop up every few days as he churns through the series. He’s already covered James Sutter’s and my books, so I expect he’ll be moving along to other Pathfinder Tales authors soon.

Check out all of Orthos’ reviews here.


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