Radovan & the Count on HBO

At least that’s part of the wish-fulfilment Photoshopping from Gnomatsu, who envisions Sean Bean as our favorite Hellspawn and John Malkovich as Varian Jeggare. I never considered these two actors as models for the characters, but now that I see the images he chose, I can hardly imagine anyone else in those roles. Just put a bigger smile on Sharpe and trade that powdered wig for Varian’s long black hair, and see if you don’t agree.

Check out Gnomatsu’s glorious mock TV-series posters here.

2 thoughts on “Radovan & the Count on HBO

  1. To be honest, I just can’t see Malkovich as Count Jeggare… I’m not sure who is a current enough star to fill the role, but I feel it should be someone with eyes that express wisdom beyond their years. Much the way Sean Connery (no I don’t think he should be used) use to have that look as he entered the latter parts of his career.

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