Question of the Week: Your Writing/Reading Soundtrack

These questions are for you, but I’ve added some musings to them.

What do you listen to as you write?

That’s probably become a tiresome question in this age of billions of author interviews, but sometimes the answers can turn you on to music you hadn’t heard about before. My writing soundtrack changes dramatically. Often it’s just a question of what music I’ve recently discovered, but sometimes I try to put myself in a particular frame of mind by choosing themes. A lot of movie soundtracks make the list. A year or so back, upon discovering it make me write faster, I listened to the Inception soundtrack too much and nearly gave myself a coronary.

What do you listen to as you read?

I can’t listen to music with lyrics while reading, and well over half of my “reading” these days is listening to audiobooks.

5 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Your Writing/Reading Soundtrack

  1. When I’m doing a project I’m fond of listening to Lindsey Stirling, or soundtracks to various fantasy movies (Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood, etc). Sometimes when I need to simply relax and ponder when doing some writing I pull out some David Lanz! A brilliant composer who creates pure magic with the piano.

  2. I’m an audiophile with a frankly staggering music collection — to the point where I actually take time at the beginning of a project to craft a project-specific playlist to write to. Music that serves as inspirational “tone boards” for the thing that I’m writing.

    My FAR WEST playlist, for example, is over 900 tracks — almost 2 days worth of music.

  3. Depends on the mood. For unsure moments, I tend to go with Overclocked Remix music. OCR is a website dedicated to doing video game music remixes, and generally it’s pretty awesome stuff.

    Monte Cook got me hooked on Muse for a while, and I fall back to it when I want to avoid any distractions.

    Right now (read: tonight), I’m going to test out the Season 7 Doctor Who soundtrack.

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