Question of the Week: Your First Fandom

SF, horror, fantasy, or just "monster movie"?

SF, horror, fantasy, or just “monster movie”?

Before fantasy (Roger Zelazny and R.E. Howard) I discovered science fiction (Andrew Norton and Ray Bradbury), and before SF there were monster movies (mostly Universal Pictures) and ghost stories (any “50 Great ____ Stories” I found in the Weekly Reader). Since then I’ve become a fan of all sorts of genres, from film noir to kung fu to costume dramas to psychological thrillers to murder mysteries to you name it. It would be easier to list the genres I don’t care for, and when pressed for a favorite genre of movie I often  reply, “foreign films.”

But some genres seem naturally close to each other. Readers of comics and SF cross over by a fair margin, for example. Looking back at my shifting youthful tastes, I can see lots of SF elements in my favorite monster movies—especially in the 50s—and of course even before Star Wars, some SF movies were indistinguishable from fantasies.

What were some of your earliest fandoms, and what books, movies, comics, or other stories lured you into another genre? Did you obsess over fantasy for a few years before turning to cyberpunk? Or have you always slipped easily from one genre to another?

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  1. My first real fandom was probably Dungeons and Dragons, at the tender age of eight. I obsessed on it pretty much from the start. Other than that, I remember going through the Barsoom books at the library at a very young age, and Piers Anthony’s Xanth was probably the first series I made an effort to buy every book in (at age 11). Also the first author I bothered to follow to other works 🙂

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