Question of the Week: How Much is Too Much Self-Promotion?

Writers do plenty of self-promotion, and not only those who’re self-published. Even those whose publishers employ a publicist may need to do much of the work, from attending conventions (fun, but expensive) to maintaining a website (expensive, time-consuming, or both) to being active on any number of social media sites (easy and cheap, but often lost in a sea of competing posts).

Last year after a Twitter-based interview, I saw a sudden drop in followers. My assumption is that seeing a full page of my answers in their Twitter feeds turned them off, and I resolved to be more sparing in my future Tweets.

More recently, the immensely popular Penny Arcade name-checked King of Chaos, and 10,000 pairs of eyes turned toward this very site. Unfortunately, I’d only recently launched, and I wasn’t prepared to grab and maintain those casual page views. (I’ve since made a greater effort to post new content once or twice a week.)

How often can a writer promote his own work before it annoys you? What makes a good balance between self-promotion and more substantive posts (like Creative Colleagues on this site, for example)? What brings you back to an author’s website regularly? What makes a good author-newsletter?

3 thoughts on “Question of the Week: How Much is Too Much Self-Promotion?

  1. Even though I like you as an author and am obviously a fan, I still only check out the site about once a week. I think posting 3-4 times a week as you do, will grab me at least once during the week.

    Too many Twitter posts are a turn off, I sadly will admit. I like 3-5 post per person per day at a max and that goes for anybody not just celebrities.

  2. As a person that has too much to balance in his own life, I feel you have just the right combination. The fact that you are able to handle so much and with such class, I admire you!

    For me, I use my phone through the day to keep up on posts and set aside a half hour after work to go to the links on updated blogs. Updating twice a week is solid and about all that I can manage to follow.

    I enjoy your posts on your media outlets and look forward to each. Hope that helps!


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