Pathfinder Tales on Kindle

Now and then someone tells me, “I’d love to read your Radovan & the Count books, but I want to read them on my Kindle.”

While you can’t currently buy Pathfinder Tales novels through the Kindle store, you can read them on your Kindle right now. After buying the ePub books from or iTunes, you simply run them through the free (and easy-to-use) app Calibre. 


After hearing about Calibre, I gave it a try. Since I read books on both the iBooks and Kindle apps on my iPad, I never need the conversion, but I wanted to see for myself that it was easy. It is.

One day I’m sure we’ll be able to buy Pathfinder Tales novels via the Kindle store, but there’s no reason to wait. You can have them on your Kindle right now.

Of course, you can also visit your local bookseller, which remains the hippest and most virtuous way to buy books. I hear it also whitens your teeth.


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