Pathfinder Tales Book Club

Check out the Pathfinder Tales Book club, a small but growing group of readers who’d welcome more voices as they discuss the novels. Lately they’ve covered Crusader Road, Death’s Heretic, and The Redemption Engine. They’re a clever lot with diverse tastes, so it makes for lively reading.

Now they’re deciding what to read next, and some of the titles mentioned include Chris A. Jackson’s Pirate’s Honor and Pirate’s Promise, as well as Elaine Cunningham’s Winter Witch, which I apparently aided by fetching her tea as she wrote, suggesting I am either a Time Lord or Kurt Wagner. (My money’s on the latter, since I live within driving distance of Banff!)

The more the merrier and, especially if you haven’t been on the Paizo boards before, I encourage you to register and get involved. It’s free, and you can easily opt out of the mailings.




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