New Stories and ePub/PDF Sale at Paizo

The boys investigate a grisly murder on the far side of the world.

Not only have Paizo uploaded a big batch of new stories in ePub format, but the older stories are on sale for a substantial discount.  You can find most of my Pathfinder short fiction via the links on this site, or go here to peruse the entire line.

Note that the sale includes the older novels, which are available in both PDF and ePub formats at 30% off. This means catching up on Prince of Wolves, Master of Devils, and Winter Witch has become a bargain.

May I suggest the novella Husks? It’s set in Minkai, Pathfinder’s version of Japan, immediately before the events of Master of Devils, which takes place in Tian Xia, Pathfinder’s China. It’s also one of the stories in which Radovan and the Count work side-by-side the entire time, so if you enjoy their banter, Radovan’s more criminal talents, and the Count’s role as amateur sleuth, this is for you. Did I mention samurai, ninja, yakuza, and tentacles? Before the arrival of Queen of Thorns, my editor considered Husks his favorite of the Radovan and the Count stories. It’s one of mine, too.

If you dig it, please leave a review. The same goes for all the short fiction. Good reviews help the authors of short fiction become the authors of novels, and a bunch of them deserve the boost.





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