My First Worldcon

While I’ve been to dozens of SFF and gaming conventions, I’ve never attended a Worldcon before this year. I know! What’s wrong with me?

It’s an awful lot like most other SFF conventions I’ve attended, only more so. Thankfully, the incidents that increase my shame of my tribe (negative Brony Utilikilt guy, I’m looking at you) are vastly outnumbered by the instances that increase my love and admiration of fandom in general. I’ve enjoyed several excellent panels, shared conversations and meals with old friends and new, and have generally basked in both the diversity and the ineffable “sameness” of my fellow geeks.

I’ve also been hacking away at revisions for one story and trying to finish another. I’ve had several pretty good spells in my hotel room, but it’s much more fun to write in the hotel lounge, where there’s always a chance someone will stop by to chat or buy me a drink. That’s the sort of interruption I like best.

Oh, look! Here comes Josh Vogt, fellow Pathfinder Tales author! Damn, he didn’t buy me a beer.

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