Live Interview: Know Direction

Tomorrow evening, I’ll join Jefferson Jay Thacker and Ryan Costello, Jr., for a live video broadcast of their Know Direction podcast.


Jeff was one of the first people to interview me about Pathfinder Tales, and after our first encounter one of the earliest to talk with me about it after he’d actually read the book. I can’t express how much more fun it is to talk with a host who can ask specific questions about the books and has informed opinions. He’s a Jeggare man, just so you know.

I suspect Ryan’s in camp Radovan. He’s also a wizard at audio editing and makes us all seem real smooth after the fact, but you can catch us ums-and-all in the live videocast.

Join us tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern (5:00 Pacific). Add your questions to the live discussion, and chances are good I’ll answer them.

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