Lines Are Open

Give me a comment if you’re still reading this much-neglected blog. I recently had to decide whether to keep the site or let it expire, and as you can see I chose the former.

The coming months are busy, but never so much that I can’t post something to social media. In the past, that’s meant Facebook and Twitter (and to a much lesser extent other sites), but I’d like to justify the cost of this site by making it more often my primary outlet. What would you like to see here?

My main thing here has been Creative Colleagues, which I’d like to continue later in the summer when I have more bandwidth. But I’d also like to know what, if anything, you’d like to see in addition to that feature.

10 thoughts on “Lines Are Open

  1. I didn’t know about this until you mentioned it the other day, but now I know… and knowing is half the battle.
    I would like to see spoilers for unreleased books. Not your books. I’ll read those. But like, *spoiler* Stephen King’s next book includes a monster and an attempted rape scene! 🤪

  2. My friend recently bought me the audiobook for ‘Lord of Runes’ and I LOVED it! Looking forward to going back and delving into earlier adventures with Radavan and the Count. Any idea when we might expect another installment?

    • I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed it! The earlier novels on Audible have a different narrator, which most listeners tend to prefer. Ironically, this was the one first produced, so those concerned about a change in the fifth novel have it backward. I hope you like the other guy at least as much as this one.

      While Pathfinder Tales is defunct, in addition to the novels there are at least two novellas (still available for sale at, I think) and a bunch of short stories (ditto, but free last time I looked) to keep you occupied for a while.

      • NOOOOOO!

        (The yelling is more about Pathfinder Tales being defunct, not yelling at you XP)

        I’d spent the first couple months of this year listening to the previous 4 audiobooks and am about to re-listen to the 5th now that I have more context with the characters, but now I’m so distraught that there won’t be anymore instalments, especially with how the last book ended. 🙁

        I’ll def b looking into the novellas and short stories, but it’s gonna be hard knowing that there won’t be another novel featuring Varian and Radavan, I’ve become so attached to these characters! 🙁 I’d be determined to sit here in the comments and beg you to write us more stories with them but I know that’s not actually possible and that you couldn’t even if you wanted to. At the very least, now you know how much these characters mean to me and that I will miss reading their adventures very much <3 🙂

  3. Hey Dave!
    I agree with Kacie’s “NOOOOOO!”, but I knew this was the case awhile back. I’m pretty sure I read all the Pathfinder and Forgotten Realms books and eventually sold all of them for a measly $20 to a kid at our yard sale a few years back. They were obviously going to another appreciative fan and a much better place than stored in boxes in our basement. I did hang on to Lord of Runes as a grand finale that I’m only now starting to read. The pandemic has me looking through old stacks of unread books. Just stopping in to say hi and thank you for years of great entertainment. I’ll be looking up some more of your writings soon!

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