King of Chaos: Supporting Cast

Regular readers of Pathfinder Tales novels and short fiction may have recognized that a few of the supporting cast of King of Chaos came from previous stories. A couple of them came the previous Radovan & the Count novel, Queen of Thorns, but the others were on loan from some of my generous colleagues.

The most prominent is perhaps Jelani, the Thuvian sorcerer Liane Merciel created for her story “Certainty.” Also making a cameo is the former paladin, Ederras, whose past trails a thread back to Liane’s novel Nightglass.

Another key supporting character is Robin D. Laws’ paladin Aprian, whose horrible experiences in the Worldwound give him something unusual in common with Radovan. You can read more about Aprian’s past in The Worldwound Gambit.

If you enjoyed these characters in King of Chaos, check out “Certainty,” Nightglass, and The Worldwound Gambit. If you like them, be sure to leave a review.

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