King of Chaos: Amazon Release

Launch dates for Pathfinder Tales novels are a fuzzy business. King of Chaos was available at Gen Con and via the Paizo website on August 15. Today it should also be available via and other online retailers, despite the listed September 10 date. And if past experience is trustworthy, it’ll also soon start showing up in brick & mortar stores, at least in the US. With luck, it’ll reach Canadian retailers before my September 7 reading at Audrey’s Books in Edmonton.

Once or twice people have asked me where’s the best place to buy my books. There’s no one answer.

If you buy it directly from Paizo, they (and by extension I) make a little more money.

If you buy it from Amazon, my author ranking goes up a bit, and a lot of folks see that. It’s especially good if you post a glowing review there, as someone has already done.

If you buy it from a local brick & mortar store, they’re more likely to keep my books on the shelf, where they might catch the eye of new readers.

Personally, I like to support the local book stores. They are crucial in spreading the word about new or mid-list authors, and buying from them feeds your local economy, which is important everywhere. Plus, they are booksellers. There are few better humans than booksellers, so that’s my first choice.

However, if you are planning to buy from Amazon, today is a great day to place that order. A little spike at the beginning always helps a recent release.

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