Kickstarter: Broken Eye Books

When Scott Gable first asked me to contribute a faerie story to his anthology, By Faerie Light, I was eager to write more Asian-tinged fantasy. On the other hand, after 27 action set pieces in Master of Devils, I was ready for a quieter story. Thus, inspired in equal parts by real Japanese history and the vague influence of Hayao Miyazaki, I sketched out “Shiro Hears the Cicadas.”

When he launched his Kickstarter, Scott paid me the compliment of including that story with sample chapters by Richard Pett and stories by Stephen Norton & Clinton Boomer as part of the JUST A WEE NIBBLE sampler in CROOKED AND OTHER ODDITIES FROM BROKEN EYE BOOKS.

For just a buck, you can read three stories and three chapters, which we hope will encourage you to back the project at a higher tier. Me, I’m in for the MAD LOVE all-electronic feast, which spares me the existential horror of international shipping charges but gives me all the books from an exciting new publisher for the next year.

Did I mention that Scott sends the WEE NIBBLE immediately? You don’t even have to wait for the project to fund to read the samples. He must be confident that you’ll want to raise your pledge after reading them.

Did I mention the art? Never mind. Go read the Kickstarter page. It tells you much more much better than I can here.

Are you a frequent Kickstarter backer? I’ve lost my mind several times these past few years, both for fiction projects and for miniatures, two of my great weaknesses. What are some of yours?



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