Keeping Track of the Count (and Radovan)

Officially, all Pathfinder Tales stories take place in the “ambiguous now.” That’s a literary convenience meant to blunt the feeling that readers must approach the books “in order,” and I support it for that reason. Still, when you write more than one story with characters whose backstories develop over time, chronology becomes important.

Thus, from the very beginning, hoping the boys would last more than one or two outings, I’ve kept notes on important events in the long life of Varian Jeggare and the shorter but eventful life of Radovan. Taking a cue from the Pathfinder campaign book itself, I assumed the year of each story was 47XX, where XX equals the latter digits of our real-world year.

The exceptions are the obvious prequel stories taking place a number of years earlier than the publication date. If you’re keen on the setting, you can estimate the date by references to monarchs, wars, the founding of countries, and the apparent age of notable figures introduced through Adventure Paths or other game material.

Anyway, I’ve got the secret timeline with dates, at least years, for events like the characters’ births, deaths of family members, attendance at the Acadamae, joining the Goatherds, and stuff like that in case one day they become important, as they’ve done several times in the past couple of books.

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  1. Just want to say that I never really liked the half-elf as a playable RPG race until reading Prince of Wolves and your take on an “older” half-elf, his perspective on time and humans. It was fascinating… so I’m now exploring a 50 year old half-elf in a 5e game my group is playing.

    Thanks for putting fingers to keyboard or pen to paper (however you write) and expanding my fantasy worldview with Count Jeggare!

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