How Did You Discover Pathfinder Tales?

Please help me with a wholly unscientific survey by replying to this post in comments.

  1. When did you first become aware of Pathfinder Tales?
  2. What was the first title that you read?
  3. How many Pathfinder Tales novels have you read?
  4. How many Pathfinder Tales short stories have you read?
  5. Do you read Pathfinder Tales novels in print or electronically?

7 thoughts on “How Did You Discover Pathfinder Tales?

  1. 1. Several years ago.
    2. Prince of Wolves. (I have this obsession with reading things like this in publication order.)
    3. Three so far, I believe.
    4. None — just not a fan of reading fiction online.
    5. Electronically, which is a bit of a pain because I use a Kindle.

  2. 1) first became aware of Pathfinder when I wanted to get back into D&D but didn’t like 4E. The novels after I realized that Robin Laws wrote one.

    2) Robin Laws’ The Worldwound Gambit.

    3) 5

    4) at least 6 (what’s on my phone right now) but that seems low

    5) all digital like most fiction to save on house space for board games and non-fiction which I prefer as printed books

  3. Discovered Pathfinder Tales though Paizo and playing Pathfinder.
    First novel: Blood of the City.
    I have read eight Pathfinder tales novels (but own them all, huge backlog of books in general).
    I have yet to read any shorts.
    I read print.

  4. 1. The very first announcement over at
    And I’d like to think that me telling people about it would be the answer from a few people if you had more Swedish visitors. 😉

    2. Winter Witch. Still wishing for another Ellasif story.

    3. I’ve read all of them! (Okay, the latest one didn’t arrive until two days ago, but it’sin the queue.)

    4. See reply to number 3.

    5. Novels and AP-fiction in print, short stories on the Paizo blog.

  5. 1. It was sometime in 2010, sometime in the Spring, I think.
    2. Although I picked up Prince of Wolves and Winter Witch at the same time, I read Winter Witch first and then Prince of Wolves. However, it was over the course of several days that I consumed both books back to back.
    3. Thus far, I’ve read ten of them. I pick them up in batches, as the need strikes me.
    4. Quite a few of them, but I’ve not kept an exact accounting of it.
    5. Contrary to my current habits, most all of my Pathfinder tales consumption of Pathfinder Tales has been of print products.

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