Hillfolk Bundle of Holding

When I saw that Robin D. Laws was launching a new drama-based roleplaying game via Kickstarter, I was among the first to back it. Robin is one of those designers whose new games I always buy, knowing there’ll include some genius new angle on RPG mechanics.

Later, Robin flattered me by inviting me to write a series pitch to be included with the main book. My humble contribution is “Shakespeare, VA,” a sort of collision between Justified and Slings & Arrows by way of Twin Peaks. You’ll find many other series pitches from other authors in the core book and in the Blood on the Snow expansion. They cover an amazing variety of genres.

Now you can get PDFs of both books plus many cool supplements, including three tracks of music designed for the game, via the Hillfolk Bundle of Holding promotion. The sooner you buy in, the lower the threshold for adding the bonus titles. I’ve bought several Bundle of Holding deals in the past, and I’ve always been happy with both the content and the easy delivery. You’ve got until March 12 to snap it up.


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