Gen Con 2013 Overview

This year’s Gen Con is even busier than this list suggests, but here are my public appearances. I hope to see you at some of them.

WS indicates a Writers’ Symposium event, about which I’ll post more later. The WS rooms are just across the hall and upstairs from the exhibit hall. You can download the complete schedule here. If you have never been to a WS event, make it a priority. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out there’s a whole fantasy, SF, and horror literary convention going on at the same time as the game convention. And it’s huge.


08:00-09:00                             WS: Writing 101 (Room 245)

13:00-14:00                             WS: Ancient & Medieval Combat (Room 244)

15:00-16:00                             Signing @ Pelgrane Press (Booth 101)

16:00-18:00                             Signing @ Paizo (Booth 203)


10:00-12:00                             Signing @ Privateer Press (Booth 609)

11:00-12:00                             WS: Magic & Mysticism (Room 244)

12:00-13:00                             WS: Government & the Rule of Law (Room 244)

14:00-15:00                             WS: Pitches, Proposals, and Promises (Room 245)

16:00-17:00                             Signing @ Paizo (Booth 203)


08:00-09:00                             WS: Sharing Worlds (M) (Room 245)

10:00-12:00                             Signing @ Privateer Press (Booth 609)

12:00-13:00                             WS: Reading (Room 243)

13:00-15:00                             Signing @ Paizo (Booth 203)


09:00-10:00                             WS VIP Panel: Plot Mastery (Room 243)

10:00-11:00                             WS VIP Panel: Selling Your Novel (Room 243)

11:00-12:00                             Signing @ Paizo (Booth 203)

13:00-15:00                             Signing @ Paizo (Booth 203)

15:00-16:00                             Pathfinder Tales Panel (TBA)

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