Future Radovan & the Count Stories

It’s not that I’m sick of Radovan and the Count—far from it—but I often want to feature other characters in short fiction.

After Prince of Wolves, I pitched a novel featuring Azra, the mute “witch” the boys meet in Ustalav. (Paizo weren’t keen on the idea at the time.) I pitched Master of Devils instead, and since then it’s been all the boys all the time. Sometimes I considered featuring a different character in web fiction, but since that’s really marketing for the next book featuring the boys—and since often it’d kill the suspense to reveal a character’s true nature before the novel begins—I’ve always featured one or both of them.

What’s your feeling? Do you prefer stories featuring Radovan and/or the Count? Or would you like to see what’s happening with some of the other characters they’ve met (or may meet)? Do you enjoy the web stories set in “the past” or prefer those focused on what happens next chronologically? What elements of the novels (action, horror, mystery, humor, and so on) do you most like to see emphasized in the short fiction?

Please keep your suggestions as broad as possible. “Write a story where Azra and Kemeili team  up to fight Razmiran cultists” pretty much ensures I’ll never write that story, but “I’d like to see more of the boys in Egorian” or “stories that show Radovan’s criminal past” or “something else with Blackjack” are useful suggestions.


24 thoughts on “Future Radovan & the Count Stories

  1. I’m willing to bet you have tons of interesting and engaging characters knocking around up in your noggin. I’d say let some of them out to play. I think short fiction is a great outlet for that — and let the boys pay the bills in novels, as it were.

  2. I’m interested in others, but Rad and Count are basically the super stars of the Pathfinder Tales line. You’ve obviously struck a main vein with them, and I want to know what happens to them next!

  3. I definitely wouldn’t object to a short story set in Golarion with other characters, either already introduced from a previous story, or new ones. Would like to hear more about the other characters in Queen of Thorns to be honest.

  4. Well, yeah, I want more of the Count and Radovan — and especially of the Count. However, I would definitely like to have Azra return in print, whether on her own or with Radovan. In general, I prefer that the storyline goes forward, but I imagine you could produce things from the past that could convince me otherwise.

  5. I think the idea with Azra is formidable, why didn’t Paizo like it? If they need the boys around, I’m certain you can tie multiple stories from her pov that links somehow to our heroes … (?) 🙂

    • At the time, it was felt that a mute character would make a poor POV character. I disagreed with some gentle argument. I’ve since heard that the objections have softened, but after four novels with the boys, it’s harder to persuade anyone–even myself–that featuring different characters in Pathfinder Tales is the best way to increase the audience.

  6. I love the dynamics of Radovan and the Count. However I’ve always felt that if you let a creator flex their wings a little that sometimes greater things will pop up. You are on my list of writers that has “won” me over. I will buy your stuff no matter what or where it is published.

    • That’s a neat idea. I once considered writing the story of the pathfinder who’s missing at the start of Prince of Wolves, but I haven’t given it much thought since then.

  7. Of course my vote is more of the Count and the Prince. After all that time stating up Radovan I’m always excited to add to his build which I still plan on playing one day. Also…more books **** yeah!!

  8. I suggested that my roleplaying group get read “The Fencing Master” to help them get into character for a game set in the same city as the web fiction. The general feedback from them is “great tale, more Blackjack adventures please!” and “Jeggare seems to have a lot of history with the city that isn’t really talked about. Did they name the river after him, or was the character named for the river?” So maybe more stories set back in the past, or spin-off stories about masked Zorro-type heroes? It would go over well with my group at least!

    • Thanks for the note. Your group will definitely want to read Lord of Runes when it arrives next summer. Much of it is set in Korvosa about 35 or 40 years after the events of “The Fencing Master,” and an old friend of the count’s returns for one chapter.

      And just in case you haven’t, check out the splendid Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path, where Blackjack first appeared.

  9. I’ve gotten some of the most notoriously critical members of my playgroup to read Queen of Thorns and they very much enjoyed all the characters. I always think it speaks volumes when I can mention a character by name and people recognize it instead of just going “… who?”

    For myself, I thought Oparal was alright in it, but my favorite part of King of Chaos was the “human” side of her that came out. She was sort of a semi-main character, but almost all of the side characters of King of Chaos struck me as just fantastic people that I’d love to know more about; Dragomir, Alase, Gemma and Erastus (if they survived), even Aprian! It’s really, really cool to see you bring old characters back and let us know how they have (or have not) grown. It makes the world feel a LOT more organic. So my vote is basically “I want to see more of all your characters, it doesn’t have to just be the Count and Radical Rad.”

  10. I would love to see the boys return to Egorian. It’s been awhile and their relationship has changed significantly since that time, so it would be interesting to see what happens if they tried to fit back in to their old lives and roles in some way. I’m also a fan of aristocratic intrigue, so that’d be cool, too.

  11. I’m a bit late to the party. I found this post while searching if you were writing any more about Radovan and the Count. So of course I’d love to see them.

    Since Prince of Wolves I’ve really wanted to see what is going on in Ustelav. I’d also love to hear about Oparl (Not sure if I spelled that right) more. She was my favorite “side” character.

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