Edmonton Entertainment Expo Panels

Three of my droogs join me this weekend for two panels at the Edmonton Entertainment Expo. I’ll also join Dave Chan’s panel on video game voice acting on Saturday afternoon. Scheduling SNAFU! I can no longer attend that one.

Please come join us and help spread the word.


Writing 101

Room 107

Saturday 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm

Published authors and editors will present the basics of writing short fiction and novels, from outlining to composition to revision. After a brief discussion, they’ll take your questions about how to make your work the best it can be before the dread moment of submission to a publisher.


Getting Published

Room 108

Sunday 4:30PM – 5:15PM

Our panel of professional editors and writers discuss the many ways to try—or fail—to sell your stories and novels in today’s rapidly evolving publishing world.


The Unusual Suspects

Andrew Foley wrote the comics Done to Death, Parting Ways, and The Holiday Men. He co-wrote the Cowboys & Aliens comic, which inspired 2011’s major box office disappointment starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Currently, he’s writing videogames, including material for Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition, for Overhaul Games in Edmonton, an animated feature for Anima Estudios in Mexico City, and a bunch of other stuff nobody’s supposed to know about.

Dave Gross is the author of ten novels and a number of shorter works. He has written for TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Privateer Press, and assorted other publishers. His latest book is King of Chaos, featuring the continuing adventures of Radovan and the Count. He has worked as a technical writer, English instructor, video-game designer, and magazine editor, including stints at Dragon, Star Wars Insider, and Amazing Stories. You can keep tabs on his latest hijinks at www.bydavegross.com.

Barbara Galler-Smith lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  She’s an award-winning short story writer, a long-time member of Edmonton’s largest speculative fiction writers group, The Cult of Pain, and co-founder of a group designed for emerging speculative fiction writers. She’s also a Fiction Editor for On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic. Along with US writer Josh Langston, she’s the author of The Druids Saga—an historical fantasy epic trilogy: Druids (2009), Captives (2011), Warriors (2013), and a contemporary romantic comedic fantasy. She has also committed Costuming at the World Science Fiction Convention Masquerade and won ribbons.

Diane Walton has been an editor with On Spec magazine since it appeared on Canada’s literary scene 24 years ago. Currently she is Managing Editor, which translates as She Who Applies For Grants and Signs the Cheques. Diane’s published short fiction has appeared in On Spec, Divine Realms, and the Northern Frights anthology.



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