Coming Soon

There’s an especially good installment of Creative Colleagues coming this way next Wednesday.

Otherwise, I’ve only a monthly Roundtable on tap, although there are a few sets of questions out to authors who’ve probably gotten too busy or distracted to reply. Until then, any requests for blog topics?

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Ive heard some writers let the narrative go off course from the original plan, because their characters are so established, sometimes they “tell” the writer what they want to do as he writes – the end product is not exactly what the author expected bc the characters came to life and altered it as he/she wrote. Does this happen at all with Varian and Radovan, or do you have everything pretty much nailed down at the start?

  2. While I’ve usually begun with a detailed outline, I still discover things along the way. Usually that’s a theme I hadn’t anticipated or some jokes or other call-backs to earlier scenes later in the book. Occasionally a backstory reveal will appear earlier or later than I’d expected, or the way it unfolds is different.

    I don’t think I’ve ever ended up with more than a chapter of completely unanticipated material, and probably not even that. More often it’s little details spread throughout the book.

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