Where Demons Die

The snowy town of Edmonton, Alberta boasts a high concentration of talented geeks. Actors, painters, writers, musicians, and writers are the collective majority at most of our parties. This summer we discovered that one we’d mistaken as simply a mild-mannered tech entrepreneur is also among the creative types.

Andrew Czarnietski slipped into our nerdy circle on a fortunate technicality: He’s married to the fabulous Jen LaFace, business manager of the locally edited OnSpec Magazine. We liked Andrew at once, but somehow we never realized what a talented artist and animator he is, as demonstrated by his recent labor of love, which doubled as a cover to OnSpec.


Check out all its majesty, and leave him some encouraging words on his Tumblr. If you’re attending the Pure Speculation convention this coming weekend, check out his Where Demons Die panel on Sunday.


At last, I figured out how to add a new event to the calendar here. I’ve set up a placeholder for the Pure Speculation Festival in November, and I’ll keep up with new events as they arrive. Probably there won’t be much for the next few months, as this winter it’s back to more writing and less travel.

Live Interview: Know Direction

Tomorrow evening, I’ll join Jefferson Jay Thacker and Ryan Costello, Jr., for a live video broadcast of their Know Direction podcast.


Jeff was one of the first people to interview me about Pathfinder Tales, and after our first encounter one of the earliest to talk with me about it after he’d actually read the book. I can’t express how much more fun it is to talk with a host who can ask specific questions about the books and has informed opinions. He’s a Jeggare man, just so you know.

I suspect Ryan’s in camp Radovan. He’s also a wizard at audio editing and makes us all seem real smooth after the fact, but you can catch us ums-and-all in the live videocast.

Join us tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern (5:00 Pacific). Add your questions to the live discussion, and chances are good I’ll answer them.

My First Worldcon

While I’ve been to dozens of SFF and gaming conventions, I’ve never attended a Worldcon before this year. I know! What’s wrong with me?

It’s an awful lot like most other SFF conventions I’ve attended, only more so. Thankfully, the incidents that increase my shame of my tribe (negative Brony Utilikilt guy, I’m looking at you) are vastly outnumbered by the instances that increase my love and admiration of fandom in general. I’ve enjoyed several excellent panels, shared conversations and meals with old friends and new, and have generally basked in both the diversity and the ineffable “sameness” of my fellow geeks.

I’ve also been hacking away at revisions for one story and trying to finish another. I’ve had several pretty good spells in my hotel room, but it’s much more fun to write in the hotel lounge, where there’s always a chance someone will stop by to chat or buy me a drink. That’s the sort of interruption I like best.

Oh, look! Here comes Josh Vogt, fellow Pathfinder Tales author! Damn, he didn’t buy me a beer.