Question of the Week: Reading Music

One of the most common questions in author interviews is, “What music do you write to?” Don’t worry. I’m not going to lay my recent choices on you today.

However, I have fond memories of taking a book to the stereo, slapping on the headphones, and lying on the floor to read and listen. Because I’m so very old, I don’t even remember my teenage tracks for reading, say, Zelazny’s Amber novels or Howard’s Conan stories (although I bet the latter involved some big symphony stuff like Holtz). I bet there was something Celtic on the stereo when I read The Forgotten Beasts of Eld or The Mists of Avalon.

One of the few things I don’t like about audiobooks, my preferred medium for “reading” these days, is that I can’t easily listen to music at the same time.

What albums, songs, or genres of music do you choose to accompany your reading? Here’s the important part: What playlists do you recommend for particular books or genres?

Question of the Week: Your Writing/Reading Soundtrack

These questions are for you, but I’ve added some musings to them.

What do you listen to as you write?

That’s probably become a tiresome question in this age of billions of author interviews, but sometimes the answers can turn you on to music you hadn’t heard about before. My writing soundtrack changes dramatically. Often it’s just a question of what music I’ve recently discovered, but sometimes I try to put myself in a particular frame of mind by choosing themes. A lot of movie soundtracks make the list. A year or so back, upon discovering it make me write faster, I listened to the Inception soundtrack too much and nearly gave myself a coronary.

What do you listen to as you read?

I can’t listen to music with lyrics while reading, and well over half of my “reading” these days is listening to audiobooks.