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Since moving to the tundra, I tend to hibernate in winter, yet I do most of my audio-book listening outdoors. Thus, I’m far behind in my Audible library, and I’ve accumulated enough credits that I need to spend them or lose them soon.


Please recommend good books with good narrators, the catch being that they must be available via Audible/Amazon. I’m particularly interested in recent popular fantasy novels, histories (especially Chinese and early 20th Century Europe), detective novels, and thrillers. I’m open to any genre, really, as long as the book and narrator are good, but those subjects have been on my mind lately.

6 thoughts on “Recommend Some Listening

  1. The Dresden Files Books by Jim Butcher – they are read by Spike from Buffy… the first two (Storm Front and Fool Moon) are a tad rough, but these two were originally college projects. Number 17 (?) in the series comes out May 27th.

  2. The newness of the books is debatable, but the halfway-to-a-radio-play productions of Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman’s Riverside novels (Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, and The Fall of the Kings) are the best audio books I’ve bought in the past few years.

    I seem to recall reading they were going to start translating Leif GW Persson’s crime novels to English a while back, so that might be worth a search.

  3. Canada’s own Guy Gavriel Kay with Under Heaven and River of Stars are highly recommended and meet your criteria both fantasy based on historical China.

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