27 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Canceled Before Its Time

  1. This answer is probably long past becoming a cliché, but: FIREFLY.

    Although, at this point, I’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who hasn’t already had it recommended, and watched it.

    Beyond that? I”d second your BRISCO recommendation.

  2. Rubicon…I really wanted to see where it would go. Almighty Johnsons was cancelled this year, too soon I think. At least they managed to wrap it up without many loose ends dangling.

  3. I love that no comments are addressing the horrifying choice of Brisco County Jr.

    So I’m just going to one up it.

    Jack of All Trades needs more episodes.

  4. Firefly’s the obvious one. The Pretender and Sarah Connor Chronicles are a couple more. The Pretender was possibly the worst “cancelled at a cliffhanger” moment ever.

  5. Legend. You know, the steampunk western with Richard Dean Anderson as a penny-dreadful writer and John DeLancie as his associate, Nikola Tesla.

  6. Glad someone else remembered The Middleman! Anything that protected Earth from all threats inter, extra, and juxtra-terrestrial should have lasted much longer.

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