Pathfinder Tales Book Club

I love the various online book clubs and reread blogs. My favorite is Leigh Butler’s A Read of Ice and Fire over at Tor.

Maybe I mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating that some of the hardcore Paizo People have begun a Pathfinder Tales Book Club. Because they start a fresh thread with each novel, I’ll connect you with a link to the Pathfinder Tales topic at Paizo. Look for any thread that begins PTBC.
They’ve already covered Mike Stackpole’s Crusader Road and James Sutter’s Death’s Heretic, and now they’re on to James’s The Redemption Engine. It might be time to turn toward one of the women who’ve contributed to the line, maybe Elaine Cunningham, Liane Merciel, or Wendy Wagner. Whatever you’d like to discuss, get in there and vote for the next book. You do need to create a login at the site, but it’s free and you can opt out of the mailings.

If you’ve read some Pathfinder Tales, or if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to read along with others who’re sharing their thoughts on the books, here’s your chance.

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